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Ashjoe cold chain, the leading

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Company in Cochin, plays an important role in the state of Kerala to provide temperature controlled vehicle solutions including reefer and

chiller trucks

with air conditioned buses. We offer steadily growing and expanding range of

refrigeration products and services

with an excellence at par. Dealership with world renowned brands like Thermo king, Ashjoe cold chain brings up a wealth of experience to our customers through reputation based upon high quality, progressive and comprehensive product range, matched by uncompromised after sales service, ensuring high customer confidence in both products and company.

Ashjoe cold chain Refrigeration and

Air Conditioning

Company in Kochi, deliver the air conditioning and refrigeration needs for a large number of corporate and commercial customers in Kerala.Our experienced professionals has helped to cool many important units across Kerala from shopping malls, factories, supermarkets, hospitals to office buildings. Our experts can assist you in all your air conditioning and

refrigeration needs.

We also provide the sales and service of multi-branded Airconditioning and Refrigeration products and components across Kerala.

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