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Shipping and offshore containers can be build and converted in Ashjoe. Our in house designers and engineering team is equipped with providing various solutions for container industry. Shipping containers can be modified into various applications according to the customer requirements. It includes but not limited to,

PUF Insulated Container Body for Chilled Products

Our customers find one stop solutions in Ashjoe for their various cold chain transportation requirements. In our PUF insulated chiller container body is well-resourced with GRP sandwich floor with stainless steel profiles for the base peripheral members along with marine grade plywood. The side panels are made out of MS press formed and shot blasted sections fully welded construction. The PUF insulated container is integrated with the chassis with the help of a sub frame and cup & cleat locking arrangements and perfectly suited for transporting fresh fish mixed with ice/chilled milk/chilled fruits and vegetables in designated plastic crates.

Aluminium Container Box

These transport containers are equipped with 2.5mm Extruded inter locking type Aluminium panels which are perfect for less weight and high strength applications. It includes sufficiently hard Aluminium profiles on the corners and sides. Floors are furnished with .47mm Stainless Steel food grade sheet bonded with 6mm marine plywood for added rigidity. All sides are provided with 100mm insulation and a 1.2mm high grade sheet on the top of the box for long lasting corrosion free use in extreme weather conditions of Kerala. Our Aluminium boxes are fixed with industry specific blox-witch type door locking accessories. Customer can pick their choice of color for painting. All Aluminium containers are satisfying the ARAI standards and can be delivered within 30 working days.

Steel Container Box

These transport containers are equipped with 2/2.5mm press formed hot rolled steel sections in both corner posts and profiles. Floor will be fitted with 1.2mm leak-proof Stainless Steel sheet along with 19mm marine grade plywood. All six walls will be covered with 1.6mm press formed cold rolled panels with 100mm insulation. Standard Blox-witch type door locks will be provided with the container and can be delivered in 25 - 30 working days. Our steel containers are satisfying the ARAI standards.

GRP sandwich panel insulated container body

Containers belong to these type are coming with all six sides of sandwich panel construction and the superstructure is fully rust and corrosion proof.The Base bottom skin is 2 mm (min) thick GRP joint less sheets and top skin with Marine grade composite plywood with top PU varnish coat.All panel joineries are of welded construction at both inside and outside of the joints.All external panel joints are adequately camouflaged with extruded Aluminium profile.The container Roof joints are sealed with waterproof FRP laminates.

Steel Dry Cargo Container Body

Steel Dry Cargo containers are the most economical solution for transportation of general purpose commodities.The containers are fabricated out of press formed MS steel sections for both structural and paneling.The container after assembly will be primer coated for rust and corrosion protection.The container floor shall be of composite plywood with PU varnish finish. The container will have a pair of fully open type doors at the rear and a side door can be provided as an option.

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