1. What is an insulated box?

An insulated box is a container using for transportation of perishable goods in cold chain industry. It is specifically designed with special type of materials to isolate the commodities stored inside from temperature variations happening outside. Most of the times, the insulated box will be fixed with a refrigeration equipment to keep the inside temperature sufficiently lower than the outside temperature.

2. What is a Chiller Unit

A chiller unit is a refrigeration system using for perishable goods like fruits and vegetables to keep it safe while transporting on vehicles. These units can make low temperatures up to 0 degree Celsius which is most suitable for keeping these goods in the fresh state. These units will consists of an evaporator and condenser connected with a refrigerant compressor. Chiller units derive its power for operations from the vehicle engine by an appropriate drive mechanism.

3. What is a freezer Unit?

A freezer unit is using for refrigeration operations where lower temperatures are required. These are suitable for food products like meat, fish and ice creams. These units can reach temperatures as low as -40 degree Celsius as per their capacity. Freezer units are commonly deriving their power for operations from a dedicated diesel engine or electric motor fixed with the compressor unit.

4. What is a dry box?

A dry box is an insulated or non-insulated box without any chiller or freezer unit with it. These are using for transportation goods which does not require lower temperatures.

5. What is PUF?

Polyurethane foam (PUF) is made by mixing and reacting chemicals to create a foam. The mixing and reacting materials react very quickly, expanding on contact to create foam that insulates, air seals and provides a moisture barrier. PUF insulation is known to resist heat transfer extremely well, and it offers a highly effective solution in reducing unwanted air infiltration through cracks, seams, and joints.

6. How do Ashjoe manage a complaint or malfunction on a customer's reefer container?

Ashjoe has dedicated in house reefer technicians. If a customer feels like his container is malfunctioning during the transit or in operation, they can visit our workshop and our experienced technical staff will immediately repair the unit and get it back to optimal operation mode.

7. Why is ice cream set temperature lower than that for other frozen cargo?

Ice cream is a very sensitive product. Furthermore it is often considered as a high value commodity. In order to avoid crystallization, Ashjoe recommends always shipping Ice Cream at -25C or lower. Crystallization may occur if e.g. the temperature is increased from -20C to -16C for a limited period of time.

8. How will you know if a container is out of temperature range?

Every reefer containers supplied by Ashjoe equipped with a temperature monitoring and controlling device on the drivers cabin. We will demonstrate the working and how to watch this device closely to the customers and drivers when we handover the vehicle. If customer feels any mismatch between the temperature shown on the device and actual temperature they get on their container, the can contact us for a service. We have state of the art equipment's to troubleshoot these issues and make your vehicle ready to go in as little time as possible.

9. Is Ashjoe is able to provide genuine spare parts for repair and service?

Of course, Ashjoe has dealership of world renowned brand ThermoKing and we can deliver genuine spare parts of other brands like Carrier and Spheros also.

10. Can Ashjoe provide assistance and service to cold rooms in time?

Yes. Ashjoe hold a team of well experienced and qualified technicians who can handle any breakdown or failure of your cold room installations with prompt response. We assure you that your precious goods will be always safe in our hands.

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